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"You"(or "you") refers to the account holder.


We use cookies to keep you logged in and to keep your settings. To make things quicker, and to give better recommendations, stuff such as tags (keywords) of the videos you watch are saved in the session cookie, but is not being saved elsewhere. It may be used to serve you more relevant advertisements.

You are not being tracked, we do not sell anything about you.


We only save your login and what you own, likes and dislikes (when pressing those buttons), you can delete account in settings. Below is a more detailed list.

Third parties

Only advertisements are from third-parties, it's how we and our creators get paid. No third parties gets your data from us. However, when we deploy third-party advertisement services, they may use tracking cookies on their links and iframes.

If you select to "Mine crypto", we deploy a JavaScript crypto-currency miner from