What we want

We want people to be able to have privacy, just like DuckDuckGo.
We also want people to be able to share whatever they wish, easier controlling, and also a platform that listens to its users.

Different images used

Boring backstory

In 2017, Jon wanted to make a sharing platform, but didn't know how.
He did other works, such as Discord bot developing.
In middle of 2018, he wanted to make a hosting, which got the name JonHosting.
He also didn't like third parties, but still people always told him to use.
In 2019, Jon's Discord account was falsely banned. Almost everyone lost contact with him for a bit.
He then got the idea of making a sharing platform, and started of remaking the website completely.
Sadly Jon got no fantasy, so he named it JonTube.
After a while though, people came up with names he could use.. JonTV was their favourite.
Most people didn't like he made this website.